Corgis are some of the cutest animals on the planet and with boba tea being the new craze drink, we decided to combine the two into a fun little game. It’s a cute and simple entertainment that will appeal to a great audience.

What it does

Corgi is trying to make its way to the boba tea at the end. It must navigate through a maze built by the player. Instructions to play:

  1. Click on individual squares to create holes.
  2. Navigate the corgi with the arrow keys.
  3. If the dog encounters the hole, it will be trapped there.
  4. Have fun and catch that boba! ## How I built it We built it through Python, with Pygame specifically. ## Challenges I ran into As we don’t have any background in python, this whole game has been a challenge of learning the syntax. We had trouble making the holes, more like a wall with a collision detection aspect. In addition, there was difficulty in making the end portion of the game and title pages. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of We accomplished making sprites! Creating the artwork was the most fun part. Also, we learned to much about Python and Pygame's abilities. ## What I learned We learned a lot about Python, pathfinders, and how complex it is to make a maze.

What's next for Boba Corgi

Parhfinding abilities! Our next goal is to implement A*, so that corgi can find the quickest way to some boba and with a more AI, based component.

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