Inspiration and what it does

Bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks on campus, and you'd often see long lines at UBC's boba hotspots. What makes it special is the variety of flavours to choose from and the option to customize to perfection with different levels of sugar and ice. Although boba-lovers have their favourites, it can be hard for bubble tea beginners to decide what they want. This app shows the menus of two bubble tea places at UBC, Coco and Pearl Fever, which allows people to choose ahead of time and compare the options at the different locations. In addition, it provides a simple quiz if you're having a bit of trouble choosing your drink. Based on a series of personality-based questions, your responses to the quiz will determine what drink you should get!

How we built it

We used Flutter and Dart, along with hand-drawn graphics to enhance the app's UI.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the work flow cost us a few hours at the beginning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completed the basic functionalities

What we learned

Building this app was a steep learning curve for us, as most of the team was new to mobile development. We learned how to write code in Dart for specific functionalities, as well as basic app design for a more streamlined user experience.

What's next for Boba Buddy

Expanding the menus and adding in different quizzes!

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