As a customer, it is often frustrating to wait for your food to come at a restaurant. Sitting there without any idea of how much longer, it will take can be very aggravating. Our solution to this is to increase the transparency between the customer and the kitchen to minimize any potential inconveniences caused by miscommunication. Our goal is to improve the consumer experience by humanizing the waiting experience as we help improved the restaurant experience the second the customer walks into the restaurant.

What it does

This application helps customer visualize what stage their order is in and helps build a connection between customers and the kitchen staff. When the customers sit at their table, they will see a display that shows the stages their order is in: In Queue, In Progress, and Incoming. By knowing how their order is being progressed through the kitchen, the customer's experience is more relaxed and not anxious to know where the heck their food is.

How we built it

We used Angular and the NCR Transaction Data Management API to build this program.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenging problems when facing this project. One of the biggest challenge was learning how to implement NCR's API and sharing data between Angular components. The main reason why we had these challenges was because Angular was new to 3/4 of us on the team but we all learned and adapted together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the gifs that were custom-made specifically for this project. We are proud of what this team accomplished given majority of the team first learned Angular barely 36 hours ago. Finally, we are proud of each other because we could not accomplish what we have submitted with anyone missing .

What we learned

We mainly learned about NCR Transactional Data Management API and Angular. By learning about NCR Transactional Data Management, we can apply our knowledge for future projects and API implementations. By learning Angular, we can apply our knowledge to build rich and dynamic web application in the future. Finally, we learned that team work...makes the dream work :)

What's next for Boba Buddies

There are many future implementations we could like to include in the upcoming versions of our POS system if given extended time. We would love to implement other means of ordering (such as mobile or web) to increase customer's interaction with the restaurant. We would also like to implement more features for the restaurant staff such as multiple layout and menu support.

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