We drew inspiration from our desire to drink boba.

What it does

Give boba bot your allergies and boba preferences, and it will give you a boba drink to try! Additionally, all the toppings, tea, and flavors can be found at Urban Boba Tea House.

How we built it

We used, a Python library used to interact with the Discord API.

Challenges we ran into

There were a few ways we thought about storing data: Should we implement a User Class object? Should we store the data in a file? We also ran into some trouble forming the algorithm for recommending boba orders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The general UI and frontend of the bot feels natural and easy to use. The backend of the bot is smart and uses an original algorithm.

What we learned

For some members, this was a first look at the Python language. We also learned using json files to store and sort data using dictionaries.

What's next for boba bot?

For the future we want to give an option for the user to input their mood; which will affect the boba drink output. We also would like to improve the algorithm for creating the boba order.

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