Sometimes in college, you don't have time to cook, and you want food ready for you when you get home.

What it does

BOB'S Ramen is a combination of an iPhone application and and automatic ramen cooker. Through the app, a user can specify a specific time for ramen to be cooked and a spice level and the ramen cooker prepares it completely autonomously.

How we built it

The iOS application was built using swift in Xcode, and the ramen cooker was built using the NodeMCU wireless micro controller, Arduino IDE, servo motors, cardboard, duct tape, innovation, grit, and twelve cups of coffee.

Challenges we ran into

Many. The valves for water we purchased weren't working, the NodeMCU couldn't connect to the CMU-Secure wifi, we ran out of epoxy glue, and much more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to make an automatic ramen cooker and iOS app in 24 hours. We did not eat too much ramen.

What we learned

We learned a lot in swift, hardware, arduino, networking, teamwork, and everything we did.

What's next for Bob's Ramen

Bringing smiles and full stomachs to college kids all around the world.

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