We were inspired by the works of Bob Ross and wanted to make something in his style, but adapted to be able to be viewed as a panorama

What it does

It creates a scrolling landscape with trees, rivers, clouds, and mountains placed thoughout the enviroment

How I built it

I used the Flask Framework to generate the locations of each of the objects in the enviroment, with the html and css making the objects show how I wanted them to appear

Challenges I ran into

Really it was an issue figuring out how to place all of the objects on the page, and making sure that everything could only be generated in a location that made sense

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really happy with how the entire landscape looks as a whole, and how everything came together

What I learned

How to work with Flask, creating a page that horizontally scrolls instead of vertically

What's next for Bob Ross

Infinite generation

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