About 6 months ago I was staying with @lorecirstea (twitter) and found myself in a difficult situation while reading a book about eastern religion and philosophy. I was constantly searching for words on my phone, often leading to Wikipedia. I found relevant information but was buried within a large document, often having one hyperlink that you can select. I wanted more than one link and thought it would be cool to annotate the web, use collective interests and crypto-economic theories to incentive users to maintain common information. Loredana was building d-type ( and thought our ideas would be a good fit together. My idea was never developed, but the idea of annotating the web never left my mind. I was recruited into a blockchain/ai incubator for this idea, but again I chose other routes to expand my professional horizon and met my partner Lucas at EY. Over the last week we learned about 3Box and decided to make an internet wide chat platform that helped map DNS endpoints (web 2.0) to domain DAOs (a group of people who invest in a particular domain ex. for multiple reasons).

Dapps do not have a lot of active daily users, big tech is rapidly increasing its ability to censor, suppress, and addict its users through the use of dopamine feedback loops by posting provoking content. Our personal data is exploited and sold without our consent. We boldly assert that this be taken seriously and believe that incentivizing users to provide anonymous psychographic data on other users in various ways under certain conditions can allow BoB to compete with the biggest of these tech companies by holding richer data sets than its competitors. AI is powerful, but the collective power of its trusted and motivated users is far greater. Facebook, google, and twitter are a toxic power that needs to be checked.

What it does

BoB is the browser of browsers. Download our desktop browser and go on the web like you normally would without any sort of complicated on-boarding. Use the web as a way to interface new services and data sets that are provided through decentralized technologies. Using 3Box you can hijack the web and add an additional content delivery system and communications layer out of the box. Our domain dao allows a set of domain investors to approve or reject other dapps or daos to be deployed to that domain. Our decentralized ad contract allows any user to post promotions and reward the domain investors

How we built it

We used an electron app to build out the browser, smart contracts for our domain proxy architecture, domain dao, and ad contracts. We used 3box for content delivery and used a variety of web3 and ethers (oh well). Our node server helps us manage our company spaces for data storage.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of how far we got as the project scope was very large. We (Lucas, Ben, and I) coded throughout the night when we thought we wouldn’t have a product to demo. We did not stop, we created an awesome system in just a weekend. This is something that could be used today by a user if the wanted (maybe another couple weeks to be safe on mainnet). We think that we have been very agile with our process flow and brainstorming, constantly iterating and talking with people to help shape our ideas. The greatest accomplishment was our approach to solving the problem as collaboration as a team.

What we learned

What's next for BoB (Browser of Browsers)

A fully feature decentrzlied content delivery system that cannot be stopped by centrzlied authorities. We wonder how powerful BoB can be.. Could you put BoB on 2 USB’s, fly to North Korea and have a decentrazlied chat with your friend on a government backed propoganda site? You can stop what web site are being hosted, but can you stop people from sharing data on the d-Web through approved sites.

DomainRegistry.sol: 0x51c0749f6d7e6176ada6ac7defed4017b82d35ad

DomainDAO.sol: 0x02eb8a4debcb9673978b7b42b2447620693cc8fa AdvertisingDAO.sol: 0x7edb226aea41104d109bad2c583603bd05c77df6

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