Reminder apps suck and I thought that a chatbot that makes the experience interactive will change how people could use reminder app.

What it does

You could strike a conversation with the bot and while at it, you could set up reminder and when the time come Bob gonna remind you about it along with the locations, attachment you have for it.

How I built it

We use IBM Bluemix so that Bob could talk more natural and allow flexibility in the conversation. We also allow add-on so that the reminder is more that just an alarm, but more like a real person helping you with your productivity.

Challenges I ran into

Using so many APIs, we were having problems with the callbacks hell. Designing the chatbot so that it is user-friendly was also a big challenge for us.

What I learned

Designing product is really difficult.

What's next for Bob

Making Bob more human-like. Let the user customize their experience with Bob, allowing user to decide what kind of sentences structure corresponding to what commands by using IBM Bluemix.

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