Wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing sailing game with relatively realistic physics.

What it does

Simulates a boat sailing on an endless ocean

How I built it

Hand build mostly from scratch in Unity3d. The code for water and buoyancy was adapted from under "WIND WAKER WATER SHADER" and The boat hull was created in PTC Creo, and the various attachments are all Unity's primitive geometry (cube, sphere, plane, etc.). The stars are generated from scratch as flat polygons. The sailing physics was also handwritten according to

Challenges I ran into

Unity has a left handed coordinate system that doesn't like to play nice with meshes from external programs. Also unity has 6 different frames of reference that have to be dealt with, which was rather troublesome, especially for making the camera follow the boat without being locked to the boat.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole thing looks pretty awesome to me.

What I learned

General knowledge for organizing Unity projects.

What's next for BoatSimulator

It is a proof of concept for a game mechanic that I will be including in a future to-be-named video game.

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