I love visualising and interacting with data and information in an immersive way. I decided to experiment with creating immersive experiences with the StereoKit library and deploying it to my Oculus Quest 2 (which was just gathering dust) using my favourite programming language and IDE, C# & Visual Studio.

What it does

BoardsVR shows popular boards configurations in VR to which coloured cards can be written on and added to and manipulated, taking the whiteboard post-it note experience into VR. I do realise that there are already commercial products that do this - I just wanted to create my own version for the hackathon using StereoKit.

How I built it

I used the StereoKit library and gradually learnt different concepts from it to create the experience I wanted.

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to do certain things in StereoKit - though this was helped greatly by people replying to questions in GitHub discussions! Juggling time on the hackathon project alongside my day-job, family and Masters degree was also challenging.

Accomplishments that i'm proud of

  • Getting the app to run on an Oculus Quest 2 with little or no difficulty

What I learned

  • Basic StereoKit concepts
  • How to deploy C# project to Oculus Quest!
  • Basic Blender skills to create the boards

What's next for BoardsVR

  • General Improvements (various especially persistence)
  • Add better lighting
  • Add additional board templates
  • Add additional scenes
  • Try on HoloLens 2.. Just need a HoloLens 2!
  • Opensource and share
  • Possible short talk on StereoKit and learnings to give to peers


I've tried not to call them post-it notes as much as possible, in case that is a trademark?

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