During this global pandemic, airlines have had a hard time with keeping passengers socially distant while attending to each guest and ensuring the boarding process is as smooth as possible. How might we streamline the boarding process so that passengers receive immediate feedback as to when to board their flight to prevent overcrowding at the gates?

What it does

The idea is to create an extension of the existing airlines' app that simulates an online queue to reduce overcrowding at airline boarding gates by infusing technology that lets the boarding gate employee click a button to notify the next flyer(or flyers if it's a family) to walk through the boarding gate. The flyers are expected to register for this prior to the flight. Registered customers get to go through the gates first which is an added incentive.

How we built it

We ideated the challenges faced by flyers during the Covid pandemic. We noticed that Boarding Queue is the only unregulated place where social distancing becomes a little hard to maintain. We decided to get create a small survey to gauge the customers' point of view. We brainstorm the idea and pints if concerns and created a workflow that would work for the airlines. We have some wireframes since we wanted to extend the mobile app and not use the engine.

Challenges we ran into

Every solution or workflow had its own challenges. We had to think of ideas to overcome those to come up with a solution that fits the need of all kinds of customers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think although we did not create demoable app, we got to discuss quite a lot about the challenges.

What we learned

We got to discuss quite a lot about the challenges faced by the airline industry

What's next for BoardingQueue

Build a demoable app.

Built With

  • miro
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