Making remote board games cool and accessible to all.

As someone who founded a board game club and grew it to over 130 members, I understand the power of interaction over a nice game. The turn-based nature and natural pace are highly conducive to conversations alongside the game. Unfortunately, as the world has gone remote and friends move apart, we are forced to turn to video games for a similar experience. Except, the experience is strictly inferior and the personal connection is much less. Hence, my team and I wanted to build a Discord bot that allows users to play a board game that one person owns via sending pictures of the board. We envisioned people entering a channel and playing the game through sending a single photo per turn.

As it was everyone's first virtual hackathon, we all learned a great deal about collaborating with one another to build functioning code and a compelling application. Rachel learned about the user experience side of coding, the limitations of the programming itself, and refined her user research questions. The rest of us greatly benefitted as we worked on development and had to clean up our code and wording to make using the bot intuitive.

Most of our building was done through pushing different versions of the code to GitHub and writing together via screen sharing on a boosted Discord voice channel.

The largest source of challenges, and greatest success, involved learning the Discord API and figuring out how to code a Discord bot in Python. We ran into multiple challenges regarding how it stores variable versus class data and handles message responses versus commands. The program broke many times before it succeed, but in the end, we finished the build and couldn't be prouder of the result :)

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