I noticed Monday is launching a marketplace and I saw Formito a great opportunity to create an app for marketplace where it can help Monday users to create a different interface other than traditional forms for collecting data for their board. I believe this could highly help marketers or businesses who have connection with customers.

What it does

This app will let you create a chatbot from your board, share it with your audiences, and see responses come in as a task to your board.

How I built it

I started reading your documentation and playing with your GraphQL endpoint. Then read your getting started guide for creating an app and started coding! The integration in Formito for appending a task to a board wasn’t that hard and I built it in a day. But the app for marketplace and conversion tool took me about two weeks because Formito hasn’t had this feature before. So, I had to build React components, create API end-point, create a conversion toolkit, etc. But it definitely has worth it.

What I learned

They're always learning points where you work with a new tool or API. Monday inspired me to extend Formito and make connections with other tools to eventually build a better experience for users through a one-click converter. Also, by studying your column types I figured out that I need to extend Formito to support more complex data types that have already started.

What's next for Formito

I would like to extend the editor in the app where users can have more customization options before converting the board. Also, if I see people are interested in this app, I add support for more column types.

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