Inspiration develops integrations for project management tools because the founder, Marc Boscher, was unhappy with how teams collaborated together and how the information that they created in their tools (like Trello or JIRA) was difficult to share between teams.

What it does

You don't have to keep two tabs open to know what your team is doing or copy and paste cards from one Trello board into another. Synchronize your apps with Unito, and save hundreds of hours a year in busy work. Our Board Sync powerup synchronizes Trello cards from one board with another board, keeping assignees, due dates, attachments, and comments in sync across both platforms. Filter cards & tasks by label, build custom workflows, and create the perfect team collaboration environment of your dreams!

  • Work in your own boards while collaborating across teams.
  • Sync every card on a board automatically or just a few with powerful filters.
  • Map lists to each other in different ways to create workflows across apps.
  • Sync comments, attachments, due dates, members, and labels across apps.

How we built it

Built on Unito's sync engine, written in React, Javascript, and Typescript.

Challenges we ran into

  • How to handle inviting team members into different boards
  • Choosing the key features list
  • Handling filtering & rules for cards based on other data than labels

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a tool which allows for custom workflows & hierarchical reporting right in Trello.

What we learned

A lot about Trello's API. :)

What's next for Board Sync

  • FIltering between boards by member, list, or by due date.
  • Card sync - choose to sync only a card instead of a whole board
  • Get sync time <1 minute
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