In the app you can keep track of all your game nights and save the games you've played with your friends, give the night a rating and add an image.

Developed in JavaScript with Axway Apccelerator.

Hack time: around 7 hours 30min (was late to the game :smile: )


  • add/remove game night events
  • add players (from a list)
  • add games (from a list)
  • add an image
  • rate the game night
  • write a text about it
  • see an overview of all your game nights
  • detail page

  • cross platform app (but only for Android now since I'm on linux)

  • using models/data-binding to save the data


  • Clean up everything (some TODOs in the code)
  • better layout
  • more features besides the diary part
  • much more :smile:
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