Recently bought many things on eBay, hard to find the filter and not able to set it at the begin of searching. Options are not explicit at all. So I decide to decide a minimalism design eBay product search Web&mobile App, easy for me to go straightforward on good-hunting. No more annoying ads & deals that I'm not interested in.

What it does

The best substitute for us to shop online. Easy & quick filter. (Super straightforward) Minimalism UI design. No annoying ads & deals. (Don’t worry, you will still get the best price - WE HAVE HONEY) Local Pickup for share rides & scooters. Don’t worry it knows where you are by Zip-code (ip-api). Disable Search button Keywords when it’s empty. Zip Code illegal. Autocomplete Zip Code, make life easier. Categorization, exactly the same as How eBay categorized. (eBay API) Condition/ Shipping Options Search Items based on your location. (Specify Zip Code if you would like) Clear out function WishList/Similar Products Animation & Progress Bar (trying to make it look prettier) Facebook Sharing

Challenges I ran into

Deploy the Nodejs app with html\css\json files under Azure. Keep running into error "Not found". No time to finish all the functions I would like to add. (Well only 24 hours) Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally Successfully deployed my website. Work amazingly! Animation function\Angularjs\Bootstrap

What I learned

API usage\Basic UI design ideas\Plan properly (too many functions to work on under 24 hours)\How important is teamwork and why teamwork is AWESOME.

What's next for Bo-ride

Create a column after a search by selecting “local pickup” under certain miles around where you at. Later, will change the button to a fascinating designed button with text “Bo-Ride!” that will give you a comparison or Lyft/Uber which is cheaper. (Scooter!!!!!) Combine Lyft API with local pick up option perfectly. Improve Minimalism UI/UX design. Image Recognition for AI Smart-Search function. Not only focus on eBay but on local pickup goods. So that inhabitants could use Lyft as a major way to pick up. (Poshmark? ) Scooter under Lyft/Uber price estimation.

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