For the BMW challenge we needed to create for the motorcycle riders a new experience on their phone. A new experience that can help them to have awesome rides with their friends, meet new people and create an awesome community. Everything in a safe and secure way so the riders don't get distracted and have an awesome experience in their bikes.

How it works

MOTORide helps you finding new people to ride together. You add a new trip, start your trip and find new people in the road. Every mile you drive you get points, if someone joins your ride, your points get multiplied, and meet a new friend. Also it can help you to plan your trip, now the condition of the road, the weather and traffic. If unfortunately you have an accident, the app it's going to be intelligent enough to know that, if you don't press a button after 5 seconds. The app is going to notify 911 to help you and also notify emergency contacts, so they can now about you.

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