Height of comfort features in car are of highest importance when it comes to cars from BMW & like, to top class executives. Every car comes with a number of adjustments and users of the car has their own boundaries for different domains like temperature, music etc. which are pretty much fuzzy. This application targets the BMW 7 series cars which comes with a number of features for the user to experience the highest level of comfort.

Massagers- Each seat of the car has 12 massaging rolls

Temperature Control- the interior temperature can be set exactly to the desired temperature

Lighting- The interior lighting of the car can be adjusted at different levels

Music System- The music system in the car can be tuned to the user’s mood

Perfume- The car can make the user experience a variety of odors from 3 base odors

The executives who chose to travel can basically choose the atmosphere they want to have in car whether they want to work, relax or take a nap during the journey, based on the user’s choice of atmosphere in car, parameters like massagers, music, lighting and perfume are adjusted by the fuzzy control system.

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