The idea we came up with is, designing the BMI (Body Mass Index) app since we all are first-year students and new to programming. With the help of this app, users can maintain a healthy lifestyle by checking their BMI regularly and change their daily routine accordingly. We used the platform 'Flutter' for building our app. We learned using the different functionalities of dart language for running an app error-free. Splash screen, using containers with text, importing data from pre-defined dart packages, getting data from Google Admob and implementing banner and interstitial ads are some of the important learnings from this project. We were also able to add app icons to the app which was also a big achievement for us. For building the app with UI, we followed some of the websites to get some ideas about the different functions to complete the app. Talking about the challenges, it took as a while to figure out what we wanted to make our project. Our initial project was about designing a music player, but we quickly found out that we didn't have the skills required to develop a working app. As the majority of our group were codeing beginners, we decided on a project that we could actually complete within the remaining time frame. We thought of multiple features to include in our app, but we didn't have enough experience to execute all of them. Working with Flutter as beginners proved to be a bigger challenge than we initially thought, but we managed to pull through.

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