Solving the problems of distributing high quality e.g. 4K video OTT via the Internet

What it does

Delivers premium movies in true 4K HDR p2p using Secure Peer Assist (SPA) and IPFS without interruption, regardless of Internet speed. We eliminate the spinning wheel of death! Members of the Blust SPA network are rewarded for sharing their disk and bandwidth with Blust crypto currency.

How we built it

Secure Peer Assist (SPA) combines the best of p2p and CDN and makes it secure and acceptable to content owners. The Blust app was originally a JavaScript Microsoft UWP app. We abstracted it to a React/graphQL/JOE architecture, got it running in the workshop on an Apple and a Windows laptop with a PoC of IPFS as the file transfer mechanism and a blockchain crypto reward system running on the Ethereum test chain. Our stretch goal is to implement a smart movie purchase contract in Ethereum on the Raspberry Pi.

Challenges we ran into

Jetlag from Australia!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proving the IPFS transfer mechanism in the hackathon. Big shout out to Jonathan Holt an IPFS and Filecoin super hacker!

What we learned

That New York is a long way from Sydney but lots of fun

What's next for Blust

A beta trial in Australia! We're looking for p2p and video network guys, ideally with IPFS and DASH experience

Built With

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