IN PROGRESS "Will You Be Recarniated. . . . For the Fourth Time?"


Inspired by the genre Isekai which is a subgenre of fantasy of a character being transported into another world or rather in this case the adventurer is just generally bad at living.


Gives a person a chance to experience different outcomes of their chosen life but, granted with a high amount of luck to give themselves a bit of a chance in this life. As the protagonist, there is one goal and it's to live your best life while finding out the mysteries of why you won't permanently die. Accompanied and blessed by Fortuna the god of fortune you set a path in where only you can change your own faith or maybe .... not

How we built it

Python, List, Structure of story building, and fantasy Troupes

Challenges we ran into

Creating seven different paths that change in course of the story.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a storyboard that is endearing, heartwarming, dramatic, and fun

What we learned

storytelling ain't easy

What's next for Will You Be Recarniated. . . . For the Fourth Time?

Hopefully, a visual game that isn't reliant on text-based.

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