One shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and love is certainly more than a profile picture. By putting too much emphasis on the profile picture, users, especially male users, of apps like Tinder suffer a real pain point, which is that they are instantly dismissed by a potential match if they don't look like a model. We want an app that can emphasize other qualities that also play a big role in setting up a successful date and starting a relationship.

What it does

Upon signing in via Facebook, Blur builds on your profile by asking you a series of quick binary questions. Once the system understands you better, you are presented with three super blurry pictures of potential matches. At this point, every time you answer a question, a potential match's picture becomes a bit clearer, until you answer enough (usually 5-10) questions to completely de-blur your best match's picture.

How we built it

We are a team of two backend developers, one iOS developer, and one designer/PM. We built an iOS app that runs against a Ruby on Rails backend. We populated the quiz question base with real questions people would like to ask potential matches. And we also took inspiration from a study by Arthur Aron, who's the psychologist that successfully made two strangers fell in love by asking them a series of 36 questions. (

Challenges we ran into

We had to resist the temptation of adding in a lot of features and instead focus on the core user experience of match discovery by answering quick and fun questions. It's a lot harder to slim down on features than the opposite.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We chatted with many potential users during development and were able to quickly iterate the product based on real time feedback.

What we learned

Step in potential users' shoes as much as possible. As a team of guys, it's important to talk to girls to understand their perspective. Some of our original assumptions were completely off base, and it's okay to take the feedback and change the product.

What's next for blur

Sign up 1000 test users and see if we can get some real matches. We hope to launch it on App Store soon after that.

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