Onboarding the next generation of blunt enthusiasts onto Web3

What it does

Membership access tokens given through IRL events and Web3 onboarding sessions

How we built it

We built this on the Solana blockchain

Challenges we ran into

Remembering we

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Doing this in a day

What we learned

People love the BluntDAO, the exclusivity, and the knowledge our IRL communities have to offer.

What's next for BluntDAO

👋🍃 Introducing BluntDAO

🧻Roll, 💨 Sesh, 🖼️ Mint.

Mint Date: Live

Mint Amount: 420

Mint Price: 0.01SOL

Network: Solana


BluntDAO will onboard the next 1 million blunt enthusiasts onto the decentralized Web3


We aim to see a world where people from any background can come together and share knowledge to build the decentralized internet.

💕Our Values

At BluntDAO we are all about community building, having fun, and bringing people onto Web3.

  • Community: IRL networking and spreading the good word
  • Being Smacked:
  • Continuing to Be Smacked: We cant run out
  • Mass Adoption: of blunts and Web3 technology


Your BluntNFT gets you access to BluntDAO Sessions, voting on the treasury, access to future Blunt Drops, and partnership airdrops!


  • Launch of Discord and Twitter
  • Miami Hack Week v1, 420 personDAS
  • Mint Goes Live
    • Proof of Sessh, Boof of Stake
    • Listing on Magic Eden
    • The Sesh Twitter Spaces
  • SQDS DAO Integration
  • V2, 4,200
    • Satellite Special Event Mints Hosted By OGs
    • Different Blunt on Different Events
    • Celebrity Seshes
  • V3 42,000
  • V4 420,000
    • Million blunt March
  • V5 4,200,000
    • On Discord verified members showing they have seshed with members


📢 Marketing.....................10%

Allocate towards the marketing of BluntDAO

🛠️ Development...................20%

For website development, art generation, publishing of nft to blockchain, dao configuration, etc.

🏛️ BluntDAO Treasury............20%

Based on DAO, allocating funds based on on-chain proposals. Proposals canbe on for ex; what to allocate for upcoming drops, future products to work on, etc.

💰 BluntFund............50%

Goes toward support acquisition of gas for the blunt chain.

As seasons go up the floor price goes up.

8*% = royalties that goes toward the token allocations above*

2% goes toward artists

🏛️ BluntDAO + Treasury

Proposals can be on

  • What to put allocate funds for upcoming drops
  • Products to airdrops
  • Planning for next drops


What blockchain is BluntDAO on?

  • The BluntDAO is on the Solana blockchain.

When is the mint date?

  • The mint is live on right now

How do I join BluntDAO?

  • You join the BluntDAO by officially sesh'ing with DAO member via Proof of Sesh, Boof of Stake consensus.

I still have a question not answered in this FAQ, how can I find out?

  • Head over to the ❓-support channel on Discord. We will make sure to address any additional questions you may have as soon as possible!

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