People involved in natural disasters like the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean do no have access to WiFi in most places. There is no network which causes them to be unable to communicate through normal means.

What it does

This chat enables users to communicate even when WiFi or other networks are down by utilizing bluetooth technology. When more than one phone's bluetooth is switched on and those phones have this application, those devices are connected. This enables all users to chat with each other offline.

How it is built

We built it with objective C and XCode

Challenges we ran into

We first had problems getting started. Initially XCode was not properly installing and running on our devices. Once we were able to get over this obstacle, we ran into design and implementation problems. We were unsure as to how to design the UI. In addition, we had problems with some lower byte exchange that was happening in a session between two phone devices. The error kept saying that it expects 28 bytes when it had only received 24 bytes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came into this project without having any prior knowledge of IOS app development. We were able to learn Objective C and how to use XCode, and were able to get a lot of the initial basic functionality of the app set up.

What I learned

Learned Objective C and XCode

What's next for BluetoothChat App iOS

We need to finish implementing the UI of the application

Built With

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