What inspired me was how diversity technology is and how we easily confuse one from another. The concept of universal remote is limited because it either control TV or open garage doors. With the easy accessible of Arduino mircocontrollers, it is possible to control TV, turn on lights, open car doors, unlock safes, and even playing with multiple RC toys with arduino's functionality. Not only Arduino can turn on lights, but can also add effects like strobing lights, changing with RBG LED lights, and other light effects. The target audience is practical everyone because technology is becoming more advance and new every day. The most important key features I'm most proud of is that it is highly accessible by a phone, tablet, computer, and anything else with Bluetooth. There are currently some apps for Arduino Bluetooth connection, but there is none for multi-tasking and even multi-usage which enables people to use 2 or more devices at the same time. The next key feature is that current Arduinos have 128-bit security to prevent hacking and keep people's electronics safe from hackers.

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