Using this app you can safeguard your luggage when you are travelling.

This app works on the principle that when a bluetooth device moves out of the range of another device it will trigger an alert in the device in which this app is installed.The second bluetooth device need not be a smartphone it can be even the bluetooth headset or any bluetooth accessory and most of the people will have old devices with bluetooth with them.When a thief steals your luggage he is unaware that it is bluetagged when it moves out of range it will alert the user and trigger and alarm.Initially the device we keep in the luggage need to be paired with the smartphone.This app is helpful for travellers even though they are near the bag while sleeping,going to rest room,in a crowded place,while travelling most of the buses luggage is kept inside the luggage cabin which well within the bluetooth range then it can ensure security,while travelling in train when users are unable to always keep a watchful eye on the luggage for them its useful.

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