What it does

Bluetato lets a group of strangers who don’t know anything about each other interact by provoking them to ask various questions without the embarrassment of asking it in person.

Game is divided into Setup and Asking stages:

  • During the Setup stage participants enter their anonymous questions into a common question pool
  • During the Asking stage a random question is chosen and one person has to address it to another participant of their choice
  • Participants are pressed to give a satisfying answer in as short time span as possible
  • The person who read the question decides when the answer is complete enough and stops the timer
  • Failure to answer by the time limit results in losing a life
  • Time limit is progressively shortened
  • The quiz game continues until there is only one person left

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to connect the pieces: backend and frontend were developed independently and wiring their bidirectional communication caused a lot of issues. Our developed frontend and backend to support multiple groups playing simultaneously.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing our own micro framework using Vanilla routing and managing an asynchronous environment with a socket connection between our front-end and back-end.

What we learned

JavasScript frameworks are there for a reason

CORS is adding safety but makes our life difficult

Don't choose a Cloud Service just because everyone else is using it

Having fun at the Hackathon is the most important thing and 24 hours is not a lot.

What's next for Bluetato

  • Improved UX and UI
  • Points for fast responses
  • Score board
  • Exciting question suggestions
  • Game room customization
  • Points for good questions

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