BluetagMe® is building a tiny tag that acts like a bridge between everyday objects and a platform in cloud. The "smart" tag service adds intelligence to everyday things in your world with smartphone interaction and always-on presence tracking just by attaching to anything important that you don't want to lose.

Let's face it we all lose stuff. The keys, the laptop bag, hell even the dog, but it doesn’t mean that finding it can’t be just as easy as losing it was. With BluetagMe® fear about losing one's important stuff can truly become a thing of the past.

We're designing an ultra-small tag with Bluetooth™ and other wireless technology transponders inside to keep tabs on your valuables or help others easily find and return fast with their Smartphone!

Every BluetagMe service tag and Smartphone-connected object is locatable with a mobile app, where you can monitor their presence so you don't have to worry about misplacing or losing the important things you need or love. If the worst happens... they really get lost, Good Samaritans, neighbors and others can simply use their own smartphone to read the tag and automatically alert you fast to get back.

The quarter-sized wireless tag transmitters are small enough to put on everything. Known as BluetagMe®, the tiny, button-like tag devices send out Bluetooth low-energy signals that can be tracked like radar blips on a smart phone screen, or if truly lost and then found by anyone far away, they can easily and securely be returned to their rightful owner by a secondary embedded NFC chip that uses wireless radio frequency technology to ID and get valuables returned fast—or by a backup camera-readable unique QR code printed on each tag that can be anonymously read (without revealing your name or address) by any finder's smartphone to open a privacy-protected owner alert notification and return service.

The innovative tags are attached to your pet’s collar, keys, luggage, laptop bag; you name it, and allow you to keep track of these valuable items via included smartphone application and online tag registration service portal.

Our tag designs can electronically clip-on and tether to your pet's collar acting like an “invisible leash” to help alert you if they wander outside of their 30-meter range. Should a pet really escape, a near-field communication (NFC) and wireless RFID transponder chip, integrated inside the cavity of our planned tag designs help vets, pet hospitals and other finders with any smartphone trigger a message to you by SMS alert or Facebook fast.

The batteries inside (wristwatch style) will last about a year and easily replaced. Tags with the BluetagMe service can also be made to flash or buzz to aid in searches, rewards can offered to finders and taken all together, will totally re-invent the “lost & found” for our mobile interactive and connected world!

The Bluetooth low-energy tag technology is complete and prototype-proven, now in production. Next, amazing tag design options need to be created to produce and launch our exciting range of new BluetagMe service tags for identification and return of wayward pets, keys, portable electronic cases and valuable items—each incorporating our two ISSUED U.S. PATENTS—with cutting edge designs that we are going to 3D prototype thanks to guidance and support from Challenge partners.

BluetagMe :: Better than GPS. Never Lost, Always Found!

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