We wanted to play with NLP services from Google and how they can be applied to social media such as Twitter.

What it does

It collects tweets from Twitter and then analyze them to see how people feel about JetBlue. Our app provides analytics of the data to help with comparison of current state against historical.

How we built it

We wrote our own parser of Twitter web-pages using Golang. Then, we utilize Google services such as Google NLP and Google Firestore to analyze and store tweets for further processing. Then we provide analysis in the textual as well as visual form. And everything runs on Google Cloud Compute!

Challenges we ran into

Putting together multiple APIs was challenging and most of those technologies were very new to us. Our main challenge was that we weren't able to get Twitter API access that forced us to implement our own parser and limited how much of cool analysis we were able to perform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it!

What we learned

A lot of Golang!

What's next for BlueStar

Extend to other social media and use actual Twitter API.

Built With

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