Author: BluePuddleCats Members: Amanda Neelapriyantha, Jackie Park, Rebekah McBane, Shan Jiang

Version: 11/3/18 Written for HackHolyoke 2018

This Project is a Learning Game for children. In the opening screen, the user has the option to choose between playing a Language Game and a Recycling Game. In either game, a word will pop up on the screen. The user must decide which of three categories the word fits into, and click the button for the corresponding category. When they do, the program will inform them if they got it right, and give them a point if they did. It will also update with a new word, for them to keep guessing. In the Language Game, the user must determine what part of speech the word is: noun, verb, or adjective. In the Recycling Game, the user must decide if the object is something that goes in the trash, the recycling, or the compost. The game is educational for children; it helps them learn parts of speech and how to help the environment by reducing trash and recycling/composting properly.

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