The Spiciest Meme Bot

We wanted to train a machine learning algorithm on memes in order to win the spiciest memelord competition -- However, we knew we might run out of time, so we split up our team in order to create a minimum viable product.

MVP (Java) version:

  • Resources: httpsexamples.javacodegeeks.comdesktop-javaimageiocreate-image-file-from-graphics-object - on how to draw on images

We used the following libraries to code our NON-AI version of the program java.util. java.awt.image.BufferedImage; javax.imageio.ImageIO; java.awt.Graphics2D; java.awt.Color; java.awt.Font; This software was used to make an auto-twitter-posting program We used software called Sharex to find the pixels for the AHK program

Twitter -We used twitter to post our spicy memes

RedditThe Rest of the internet For our memes Memes are not copyrighted and are fair use

Machine Learning (Python) version: This version of the code imports various libraries to scrape memes from the subreddit r/memes, read the words from within the images, train a machine learning model on the words, and generate new captions for memes. (We did not have time to add the captions back on to images)

Resources Used/Imported:

  • PRAW (to scrape memes from Reddit)
  • OpenCV (to read words from within images)
  • GPT2-Simple (to train the language model and generate captions -- not only did we use this library, we learned how to do so by looking at the examples on the Github repo (
  • Google Colaboratory (to increase the speed of training)
  • Better Profanity (to censor inappropriate words from the memes)
  • JSON Requests

Link to Working Version of ML Model:

Built With

  • autohotkey
  • java
  • python
  • see-the-read-me-for-other-sources-because-we-don't-have-time-to-put-them-here
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