We are the NAPs, both cause we like to nap and as an acronym for our names. Our app, Finance For Kids, was created to help educate kids both about the importance of finance and the stock market. It is split into two parts, a user-friendly game to simulate the workings and basics of the stock market used to teach kids and a financial tracker used to list and store your expenses. Our app asks for users to create accounts to login. These accounts are stored in AWS (Amazon Web Services) along with their profile info. Once they are logged in, they are brought to the main menu where they can choose between playing an educational simulation of a stock market or managing their finances. The educational simulation starts the users off with $100 and fluctuates the price of the stock. The user can either choose to buy stocks or sell them to earn money. The managing of finances allows them to add items of expenses to a list for each day. There is an adding function that asks for the date of the expense, the name, category, and cost. After those inputs, they are added to the list. This list is also stored under their account on an AWS server. In all this was made to help kids learn about the importance of keepin track of their money and how to use it to get even more money.

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