Wearables are an emerging, massively growing area within technology today. The challenge is creating aesthetically pleasing yet having a high-value function. Rama Prasad is working on connected wearable devices as a startup, and this is a foray into investigating some of fascinating new form factor possibilities.

Pins are traditionally worn to show one's affiliation for a group - typically it can be geographical, sports-related, organizational or even nationalistic. In this case, we're a bunch of IoT geeks here in Minnesota, and we want to celebrate and recognize the tech community that we love.

What it Does

For now, we are thinking that the functionality will be the following:

  • This is a pin which has hands-free connection to a smartphone, which alerts the user with music that is played from songs stored on the phone.

That being said, this is a work in process - please check back here for more updates and please give us your feedback as we investigate what we want this thing to do. The smartphone is a massive ecosystem - so it's a question of what appeals to people in IoTFuse.

How I'm Going To Build It

Software & Hardware Needed

  • Bluebean is less than a quarter size, it can fit behind a button pin.
  • First iteration we will use a non-rechargeable battery, but in the future we will look at smaller rechargeable batteries.
  • We will print off custom pins which have, "IoTFuse," logo on it.
  • We will use Android studio to build an Android


  • Figuring out how everything fits together.
  • Soldering and making sure the wires fit into location without looking ugly
  • RF Problems from interaction with the pin itself

Stretch Goals

  • Plan for making scalable

What We Are Looking to Learn

  • We want to observe whether the statement of "connected" personal style resonates with people
  • We want test some of the functionality and RF effects.

What's next for Bluepin - The Official Connected Pin of IoTFuse

  • If we can make more than a few and get some initial interest, we will try to make a few more quickly and sell them at Maker Faire.

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