When I started coding and joined this project on May 25th, I felt that Delivery.com had a useful API with lots of room for growth, and ideas. I created Bluedumbo as a mobile web application run by Python. Do not let the word mobile deceive you as this application will run perfectly fine on a computer too. There are few special features in Bluedumbo, however one key feature is the ability to share restaurants, menus, items, and carts with friends and family. You can copy a QR Code, print it out, and even pass it around! These QR Codes will always direct you to the appropriate Bluedumbo page. Also, Bluedumbo contains social media integration from the social network Instagram. Pictures tagged with #deliverycom and #bluedumbofood will be shown on the page 'Social'. Thank you for your time, if you have any questions, please contact me. Abhishek Gorti http://bluedumbo.gledx.com

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