We believe web3 opens the door for true expression of self in a digital first world. We are inspired to on-board the next billion user to the blockchain community by creating a fun, socially engaging and monetizable platform that begins to unlock the potential of NFT utility and empowers individuals to express themselves in the digital world.

What it does

BlueBird is a platform that empowers individuals to create, share and “Mint” their passions with verifiable on-chain badges, stickers and or certificates that can be dynamically layered onto content or NFT’s and shared to the world.

Through our “Compute over content” tools you can create badges, stickers, filters and watermarks that represent your talents, affinities, communities and IRL achievements. This can include a degree from university, membership to an exclusive group or simply a means to show support for a sports team or affiliation.

These badges are posted to a social feed whereby anyone can mint a badge to their personal NFT or image and create a new layered NFT that combines the badge and their original media asset. This can be downloaded, linked to and or displayed via BlueBird.

How we built it

We have been focused building the foundation tech to “Compute over Content" and laying the ground-work for all types of content and media assets to live on-chain via an L2. We have been working for months on the infrastructure and tech architecture to enable the layering of media files (badges, stickers, filters, watermarks, etc) on top on already minted content and the subsequent new "Mint" that represents the combination of the two assets. We have been working with various tools and infrastructure solutions to solve to issues with scaling, storage and computation around these new assets which is ongoing, but has enabled significant progress. Our team is a diverse set of engineers and developers from around the world working together to achieve the shared vision.

Challenges we ran into

Scaling issues with minting larger sized content on-chain and storing on/off-chain images and data • Developing new processes for layering NFT’s on top of each other and recording transactional and asset data • Deploying and merging image and data transactions with real-time updates on our content feed

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building new utility into NFT’s and opening the door to a wide spectrum of new use-cases for social media, content engagement and digital identity. • Working as a globally distributed team between 3 continents, time zones and languages. • Developing, designing and building a new platform in just a few short weeks that we believe is the foundation for new ways for individuals to showcase their passions in a digital first world

What we learned

The use of NFT’s for self-expression and digital identify in web3 is a huge opportunity and one that will open the door for amazing innovation and progress in the space • There are a number of possibilities for on-chain content storage and utility that we can take advantage of to build better and more compelling projects • This is just the beginning of what is possible, but it is important to lay the foundation • There is a ton of value in building for practical use cases around social, NFT’s and digital identity

What's next for BlueBird Labs

Scaling the platform to include more utility around the layered NFT’s and composable content. • Introducing rewards for engagement and participation via BlueBird Tokens • Standardizing authentication process for badges to be linked to real world achievements • Fund-raising for a seed round and adding to our team • Building out digital library for individuals and communities to store and manage all their content • Enhancing social features and functionality to enable easy sharing, posting, and added interactions • API’s for badges and layered minting for other marketplaces and communities • Community tools for users to build gated access via badges

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