The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the healthcare system capacity in many places in the world like Italy, New York, Spain or Ticino. ICU beds, ventilators and medical staff are the most crucial and rarest resources in this pandemic.

What we do

Our plan is to develop a system where each Swiss hospital specialized in intensive care can input information about their ICU bed availability and assessment to each case of COVID-19. The platform will also collect basic patient-data and runs a prediction model to estimate the length-of-stay of each patient in their respective ICU-bed. So, we have an estimate of when the bed will be free.

What we expect

We expect three main outcomes with this project: (i) at the hospital-level, our goal is to help with resource management (ii) at the policy-maker level, we aim to provide real-time information and predictions for decision-making (iii) at the population-level, we believe in transparency and the power of community.

What's next for BlueBeds

We are working to respond to this fight against the virus now. But we are confident that in the future we can base on our idea work on developing prediction models for different groups of disease. Considering that 19% of health expenses are spent on inpatients hospital in Switzerland, sharing experience between hospitals can improve assessment and create estimates which can help municipalities, insurances and cantons in the allocation of resource.

The Team

Pietro Ghezzi -
Natasha Savic -
Lim Yee Teng -
Rachel Heyard -
Alexandra Stauffer - Ana Szylovec -

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