Our inspiration for this project was to make people feel safe regardless of the situation. Immigrating to another country is not an easy task and provides many challenges for the immigrant. Some immigrants come to America with knowledge of people and the country and others come to America with nothing. Regardless of the circumstances everyone deserves to feel safe in their surrounding environment. Immigrants deserve to feel as at home as Americans are, and through the power of unity we believe that this can be accomplished.

IMMSAFE focuses solely on the well being of the immigrant and puts all else aside to provide them with information on organizations that can help them with anything needed, and can be translated into their language if necessary. The organizations provide immigrants with information on food pantries, education, medical concerns, legal matters, employment, and more. Leaving your home and coming to a new country is an overwhelming challenge with many risks. The people at IMMSAFE understand that safety and respect are not always protected and we are here to help. By uniting the people of St. Louis and respecting their culture, privacy, and individuality, IMMSAFE is a safe space for people to find their place in America.

Finding free APIs that accomplish email services and translate service was a large struggle, and compromises needed to be made in the API choices, which caused large, inefficient blocks of code to accommodate for APIs that weren't exactly what we needed

We are proud of the skills we have learned throughout this project. We had to push our limits in an intense environment and learned things that we didn’t think we would learn in a short amount of time. The logo was made from scratch and took a lot of time to perfect. Our hard work that we put into this project and the results that we got out of it was the biggest accomplishment of all.

We learned how to make an idea come to life in a literal sense: we had a vision and we created it in a short amount of time, teaching us that pushing ourselves is difficult but worth it in the end. As for the coding aspect we learned that email EPIS are difficult to navigate through as well haw to code for google translator and front end web development.

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