We like stocks

What it does

It gets us stocks

How we built it

we used python to increase the stocks

Challenges we ran into

Thought there would be more obvious trends in the data allowing very different approaches I.E. machine learning however the data was much more random than first expected, cutting the avenues of approach to the problem rapidly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

spent an hour (ish) this morning in top 5. Creating working code. and being one of the first to get readable data from the UDP port before the template was released

What we learned

lack of sleep and large amounts of caffeine doesn't make for robust well written code but does make for good laughs with friends.

What's next for Blue Spark Trading Solutions

In the short term we are all heading to our beds and not leaving for several days, in the long term? who knows maybe we will be back next year. we all plan to apply for CreatED which is another hackathon coming up soon.

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