Olandbox wants to be a super aggregator and a semantic metaverse, each entity is a NFT, building a semantic graph and constructed in a decentralized way. The development of super aggregators will have several processes. At present, in view of the complexity of social media information, corporate information with the problems of information security, people and even personal information cannot be well displayed on limited social personal pages, as well as information security and other issues, especially for many projects of web3, there is a lot of timely updated information that needs to be updated. Existing Issues: 1. The increasing number of phishing websites endanger users' information and property security. At the same time, many phishing domain names are highly similar to official domain names,which is used to defraud users; 2. When looking for project information, users cannot quickly find the official media of a project party, and encounter many advertisements and spam interference; 3. When projects' twitter is banned, the followes will loses contact with kol or projects, and cannot find the corresponding account in a timely and accurate manner; 4. There is no public trusted data source for logging in to the third-party wallet/browser/application, causing potential security risks for users. Users know, but due to the lack of a good presentation form, for us, olandbox figured out whether we can do a link aggregation, and gradually complete the goal of the super aggregator by implementing one aggregation by one.

What it does

The name of the information aggragation Blue Soul. Olandbox Blue Soul is a functional development based on the original land mint of olandbox. As a linktree in the web3 world, it currently has the functions of personal information integration and link aggregation, and will open more functional modules in the future. According to the basic division of land, the corresponding areas will be divided into public space, official space, and private space. Currently, Blue Soul will first be deployed in the official space.The main function division of Blue Soul will be divided into official space editing content, links, combined with land use to form a map. There are several founctions of Blue Soul.

  1. In addition to solving the problem of link aggregation, the function of information aggregation has been added;
  2. Support users to add QR codes, personal display pictures, texts, etc., emphasizing user attributes, and meeting various usage scenarios;
  3. Use the wallet to log in, which has the function of decentralization and solves the hidden danger of easy leakage of personal information; 4.Blue Soul supports that the domain name customization, personal information sharing page can be connected with olandbox semantic land, which can fully meet the user's usage scenarios;
  4. Multi-language settings can meet the needs of friends from all over the world, if a project has official accounts in multiple languages, they just need to use one link of Blue Soul which can add different languages in is enough. 6.For the project sides, they can also get Blue Soul vertification by contacting to olandbox, so their link will have the logo and the domain name of their sharing link will be different.
  5. Support zero-knowledge access, which satisfies the scenario that users can access the project by using the project name; That's the basic founction of Blue Soul now. At the same time, the link will also show the users' semantic land on olandbox. If people click the link, they can firsly check the link, picture and text on their profie, and later they can click the land information to see more about the land owners. And the owners can add the all the content into his private space.

How we built it

Firstly we use the knowledge graph to connet all the data. And used many technical methods to compelete this application, like java,spring and neo4j.

Challenges we ran into

The start of the projects- when we start our projects, there are few people support us. And we only have less of 100 fans on twitter. Some people even laughed at us about this.  At that time, people can't understand the concept of our project.
 Secondly, we also met project planning issues. We realize that the planning of the project needs to be long-term, but our goals and plans are too ambitious, so it is inevitable that there will be some difficulties in implementation. Therefore, we spent a lot of time and energy when thinking about the specific project planning and introduction, and finally planned and developed the content of the project based on the time point. 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have acomplished two bata test already. And people can mint land now, at the same time, there are over 1700+ senmantic lands minted, which shows the supports and approvel.

Also, olandbox has started business in Opensea. Besides, there are over 50 projects and 100 kols in our community. And the projects side are our collabration partners who got Blue Vertification, which also means they are using Blue Soul link to present the information of their projects. What's more, there are over 4.8k fans on our official twitter and 3.6k community members on our Discord community members.

What we learned

It's not easy to do something worthwhile. Eventhough there will be some troubles and difficulties, it can be done well by peoplle's hard work. 
    We need to achieve our goal by step with efforts. 

What's next for Blue Soul

Firstly, we will acomplish the functions of Blue Soul. The function of link  aggragation,  multi-language, supprting the users to add picture and text.
  We will add the these fouction in the near furure:
  1. In the future, the time setting will be supported, so that the project party can clearly mark the event time, and users can also set reminders according to the corresponding reminder time to generate an exclusive calendar;
  2. For users, subscription notifications will be added in the future, including project credit changes, content changes, etc., and corresponding time reminders can be added;
  3. In the future, support the chain, as a protocol, bind the use of other dapps;

Built With

  • angular.js
  • java/spring/springmvc/spring-boot/mysql/neo4j/hibernate/memcached/nginx?typescript
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