Love of Aerial combat and competitive multiplayer games.

What it does

You and friends battle it out in the air to destroy each other and their carrier. It also provides the ability to up the anti on your matches by playing for tokens purchasable via Braintree which can then be redeemed for purchases through an in game store.

How we built it

In 30 hours using Unity.

Challenges we ran into

Sleep deprivation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The amount of polish that we were able to achieve. Caliber of game play and how we were able to bring the different ideas we had for the game together to create a great product.

What we learned

How to effectively explain what our product is about and how it is better than similar products currently in the market. Aspects of the UnityEngine and how it works with under the hood in regards to Mono and .Net. Ins and outs of Braintree / Paypal payment systems.

What's next for Blue Skies

Xbox, PS4 and Steam Greenlight. Additional game play elements, more AI, networked multiplayer. Expanding on the competitive game play and ways that tokens can be used by a player in a way that provides value to them.

Built With

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