The Yu Gi Oh television series was based around characters using large holograms of monsters to battle each other. We tried to implement features seen in the show.

What it does

We implemented a Pepper's ghost manifestation of the Blue Eyes White Dragon using a polycarbonate pyramid prism and a 20" monitor. We also implemented a few ways of interacting with the Blue Eyes White Dragon. You can interact with our 3D Unity model of the Blue Eyes White Dragon using Leap Motion technology and you can interact with our prerendered version using Speech input.

Our dragon has the following animations it can perform: Summon, Hover and Attack

How we built it


The Pepper's Ghost Pyramid was built using four polycarbonate sheets that were organized in a shape of a pyramid, this pyramid was then placed upon a monitor which displayed a four-way split video which is then reflected in the pyramid to display a hologram.


Our prerendered blue eyes white dragon demo was done using python to implement user interaction and speech recognition. We found video footage of the dragon from the Yu Gi Oh videogames and television shows and modified them to work in the four-way split video.

Our live model of the blue eyes white dragon demo was implemented using Unity3D. We built a model and attached textures to it and built some simple animations for it. We also integrated the Leap Motion SDK into our Unity model.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Prototyping the pyramid out of fragile plastic
  2. Acquiring hardware materials and tools
  3. Building the Pepper's Ghost pyramid
  4. Dealing with optical reflection - orientation was altered by the pyramid
  5. Learning Unity 3D overnight -> Building models, applying textures, creating animations
  6. Learning Leap Motion in a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Our pyramid build quality was fairly impressive
  2. Rapid achievement of Unity
  3. Implementation of a unique hardware solution

What we learned

Unity, Leap-Motion, Video and Audio Editing, Speech Recognition, C#

What's next for Blue-Eyes White Dragon Hologram

Implementing a larger pyramid to increase the size of our dragon

Having multiple monster models interact with each other

Increasing the accuracy and quality of our animations and character models

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