💡 Inspiration

Everyone gets concerned about the number of lives lost due to disasters, both natural and man-made. The number of deaths are 80k+ each year, so yea it is a matter of concern. Now the non-profits that work to rescue and provide relief to disaster affected regions face a variety of problems, including-
• little to no technology utilisation.
• inability to send alerts in advance.
• difficulty in finding people through the debris.
• unavailability of volunteer data.

Blue Aid solves them all!

❓ What it does

Blue Aid is a mobile application (launched for Android as for now), that aims at empowering disaster management non-profits in every possible way, specifically tailored for one organization. It has two apps-

  1. Blue Aid (citizen side)
    This app should preferably be installed in every citizen's phone. Through this, they can send SOS (one-tap and voice command based), get alerts as notifications and could be easily rescued in case of a disaster.

  2. Blue Aid (Admin/Volunteer)
    In the admin section, the admins can broadcast alerts, that'll be sent to developers (us) and we'll send them to users through Firebase cloud messaging. Admin can also save the details of their volunteers and manage them through this app itself. Also a plus point is that all the details in both apps are encrypted, so when the data is pushed to Firebase, it is encrypted and non-accesssible.
    In the volunteer section, a volunteer can see their profile, and most importantly it helps to rescue people. Basically it detects the nearby devices having Bluetooth and tells the approximate distance, so that the volunteer could reach out to them easily through debris, and the UI makes it easy to catch it because the color becomes more prominent when a device gets closer. Also, a major plus is that it works even without internet or network connectivity, all you need is Bluetooth!

 App UI

🛠️ How we built it

The design was done in Sketch.
The app is completely built on flutter, using various libraries for Bluetooth, speech to text, SMS launcher and more.
For database and authentication, we've used Firebase.
All data is encrypted by Base64 encryption protocols.
The demo video is edited on Alight Motion.

🚧 Challenges we ran into

We were completely new to bluetooth technologies and their implementation. Also, there was very little documentation available. So we had to reverse engineer the packages to figure out their workflow. Gladly, it all worked out at the end.

🏅 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we could build a working app which can have real world impact within the time constraints. Also we are proud of the smooth UI/UX of the app.

📚 What we learned

Firstly, we learnt about connecting and integrating bluetooth in our app. Other than that, we learnt about new concepts in flutter involving builders and providers, its asynchronous nature and UI components [to name a few].

✨ What's next for Blue Aid

Well, we would like to add other functionalities like -

  • locating user camps near the user,
  • providing information about impact zone,
  • adding backup location information, in case of good internet connectivity,

Try it out

You can download the apk apps and try them out, the drive's folder link is in "Try it out" links' section


To test out the volunteers section:
Sample Credentials:
Volunteer Id: 101
Password: backtomars

To test out admin section:
Sample Credentials:
Email Id: admin@p4c.org
Password: tothemoon

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