*** Please forgive the potato quality video and audio, something is wrong with my laptop's webcam ***


Currently when playing or building a Virtual Reality application, the issue of user input is a huge problem. If you occupy the player/user with wearables such as a Myo, Leap Motion, or Razer Hydras, how will they move around in game. BLT (buckle) aims to fix that. Also, I feel that as far as wearable go the belt/was it area I'd severely underrated and underutilized.

How it works

BLT is a "Belt" you wear that tracks whether you are moving forward or not. Simply set it up, and play your game. By moving forward in real life, you will be moving forward in said application.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the accelerometer to consistently output data (pre-soldering). Also the entire design of the current BLT, which consists of a cardboard case and clip.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works.

What I learned


What's next for BLT

Build a better prototype and increase the amount of applications that can utilize BLT.

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