Most donation platforms (GoFundMe) use fiat currencies, discouraging globalization and taking hefty fees. A community-driven platform relies on authenticity, transparency, and scalability. DeSo leverages blockchain technology so people know who actually donates, how much they donate, and is able to facilitate billions of microtransactions. Every generosity will never be forgotten.

What it does

People gather around the world on Glovera's social media app. Users signup for a free account online, directly connecting to DeSo's blockchain system on the back-end. From there, users can launch donation campaigns or support those in need. Glovera utilizes diamonds as cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions. Those requesting resources add an image, description, and how many diamonds they need to make a change. On the other end, users wishing to help those in need, can make a donation and know it will always be remembered on DeSo's blockchain. Top donators are always showcased on the homepage.

How we built it

DeSo Blockchain, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a C compiler issue, and we were not able to set up our localhost (backend). If we were able to connect, users would be able to sign up for an account on DeSo, interact with other users, track donations and enjoy the web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Both of us are new to web3. We were very excited DeSo was one of the sponsors. We built a front-end website ready for integration with DeSo (or other blockchains) and learned what's possible with these tools. "Saving the internet" - DeSo's motto, is what inspires us to explore the new way of doing things.

What we learned

We learned dApp architecture, how projects integrate blockchain technology and what it takes to be a successful web3 developer. DeSo aims to solve lots of problems in the social media world (control, monetization, amount of ownership).

What's next for Glovera

As soon as we are able to run the backend successfully, we plan on deploying Glovera as a dApp on DeSo blockchain. Based off feedback, we'd like to continuously improve our front end and see what other data we can use from transactions.

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