A web application that demonstrates Bloomberg's API by sending HTTP requests and visualizing the returned data.
It was built with React, Flux, and Node.js.


Running this requires a subscription to the Bloomberg Terminal. If you don't have one, you're not out of luck!

Nifty Features

  • Request History: Click that history button, and get a list of all of the requests you've sent. The application caches every request you make, so you can check out how the data changes over time!
  • Raw Request Toggling: Hit up that checkbox to toggle between an "assisted" request and a raw request. POST body and all!
  • Cool Tabs: Tap those rad red tabs to toggle between seeing the POST body, the raw response, a prettyfied response, and the response data itself!
  • Charts Galore: The charts used to vizualize historical data requests can take a lot of data, so add as many securities, fields, and dates as you'd like!

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