This project was born from a real life problem. Our college team needed a box, where anyone could submit their short notes containing suggestions, complaints, ideas etc. Every week a so we would open the box and go through the notes.

There were some requirements:

  • all notes should be anonymous
  • nobody would be able to access the contents of the box before its opening date
  • the box should not be managed by any of the team members (even though we trusted each other)

How we built it

Blox of Notes is built using the Ethereum network with smart contracts written in Solidity.

Challenges we ran into

Both of us had 0 experience with Ethereum coming in this Hackathon, so it was quite challenging going through outdated articles and GitHub issues, figuring out something we've never worked with before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. A working example of a simple voting dapp

What we learned

Lots and lots of things about blockchain, contracts, keys, privacy and more...

What's next?

There are a couple of features to be implemented in Blox of Notes:

  1. Make all notes encrypted (decript when the box is opened)
  2. More settings when creating the box: number of notes per user, optional anonymity
  3. Allow to submit more content (other than text)
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