This app was inspired by a student at the university with a moderate traumatic brain injury. Common repercussions of less severe traumatic brain injuries are short term memory loss, trouble focusing, and difficulty organizing and prioritizing day to day life. Currently, he keeps track of his schedule by writing individual activities and events on a collection of Post It notes that he saves in his pocket, and plays goal-oriented puzzle games like Tetris and PacMan every day to help him stay focused and bring him back to what he needs to do. We are working on an app that combines task management and Tetris in an effort to make day to day scheduling a little less frustrating and a little more fun.

What it does

When a user adds a task, they input simple reminder information and simultaneously create a randomized Tetris block that they can manipulate to fall and collect at the bottom of their screen. The user can then play Tetris, but the task blocks they have made remain static at the bottom, putting them at a disadvantage if they haven't completed much for that day.

How we built it

For right now, we have the beginnings of a javascript web app and an interactive prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating Tetris into a to do list UI has proved to be more difficult than we anticipated with the collective javascript, html and css experience we all have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a complete and effective design for the app, and we were able to make a randomized Tetris block appear every time a task was created in the web app.

What we learned

We all worked together to combine our web development knowledge and explore some of the possibilities of javascript.

What's next for blox

We are going to continue working on this app, with the ultimate goal of getting it onto the app store for both iOS and android.

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