There are a lot of games out there on the Internet. The games that seemed most fun to us are played together. Among these one really stands out: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. It bridges the gap between computer games and board games - merging the excitement of the virtual world with the wholesomeness of an evening spent with friends or family.

We think there should be more Games like this!

What it does

There is a recent trend in gaming where everything can become a simulator. These are usually single player games. What we realized is that there are lots of activities where teamwork is actually essential. A very prominent example of this is sailing. You physically can't handle a bigger sailing ship alone. You need someone to handle the sails, someone to set the course and of course someone to steer the least. So we took these tasks and seperated them from each other. To get to your goal you need to cooperate. You can't play this game alone, you experience it together while communicating in real life.

How we built it

We wanted to make it easy to play together no matter which device you use to access the internet. Therefore we built a Javascript frontend which almost all browsers support. As we do not have enough experience to develop a fully fleshed out game we tried to make it have a lighter air by using childish drawings instead (a more difficult venture than we thought). We used node.js for fast deployment of our backend and set up our communication with websockets using to enable fast communication between the client devices.

Challenges we ran into

Imitating Cildrens drawings is harder than expected. Sharing our individually developed parts was a hassle when the internet connection broke down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Blown Away!

With our current Setup we don't have much of a challenge when sailing the seas. We hope to add challenges with increasing difficulty to increase the stress level for our players in true Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes fashion.

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