In year 10 work experience, I made a chat bot to log sick days. Unfortunately, when I left, they didn't use it because no one was there to maintain it. Now, anyone can build bots themselves.

What it does

Builds upon Google's open source Blockly programming environment with new API blocks that allow chat bot functionality, and general API usage, to be visually programmed.

How we built it

Vue, Node, Express, Mongo DB, Blockly, Discord/Slack APIs

Challenges we ran into

Learning Vue, 'the slack API is awful'.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Strong team communication (absolute vibe of a call across the weekend)
  • Successful implementation of an abstraction across the discord and slack APIs
  • Unconventional idea that uses a variety of APIs - lot's of learning.
  • Sufficient hours of sleep!

What we learned

Git push often. Identify strengths and work 'async', so that we're not waiting for each other.

What's next for Blot - Remote Education and Work

API world domination that is approachable for beginners.

Built With

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