It is a combinations of headspace and to do list apps for productivity. We got inspired by nature, which led to selecting a minimalistic app design with distinct shades of green and pink. Similar to how plants grow from seeds to flowers and caterpillars to butterflies, we believe that self-care and focusing on your mental health will lead to growth and a better version of ourselves each day step by step.

What it does

Bloom features different categories of small tasks you can include in your daily routine to feel accomplished. For example, if you choose the category of connection, several suggestions of what you can do pop up, including giving a compliment to someone, texting a friend, etc. Along with other categories for different moods and purposes such as active, calm, healthy, excited. Finally, users have an option of self-reflection. Given the prompts aimed to ground users into mindfulness, we hope the audience will answer these questions, track their general wellbeing with the slide bar, and go back in time and read it over whenever the right time comes. After doing this self-reflection each night, we believe that users will feel refreshed, accepted, and in control.

How we built it

This app was created with Thunkable, a block-code based app simulator, so in the future we hope to create a working version of the app in Swift that real users can benefit from.

Challenges we ran into

We had the issue of timezones since one of our team members is from Europe. We also had issues with working in Thunkable all at the same time. Nevertheless, we managed it very well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In an era of stress and hopelessness, this app encourages users to take small, manageable steps towards building a healthier, happier lifestyle. We hope that Blossom will empower its users to make meaningful changes to their quarantine routines and alleviate some of the mental health troubles associated with isolating at home.

What we learned

We learned to use digital tools to communicate effectively, organize our work and presents it an engaging way.

What's next for Blossom

Blossom itself still has room to grow, and we hope to continue improving the design and adding helpful features in the future. Some of our ideas include adding an option to schedule daily tasks and integrate with google calendar, creating a tab where the user can view their progress, and add a capability for users to add buddies to share creative works and progress with.

Built With

  • thunkable
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